Other Weekend Events

Thursday's Rehearsal Dinner for Family
We are excited to host our respective families in our home for a fun and fairly untraditional rehearsal dinner. The evening will be casual and the cuisine Italian. Jonathan's mom, Barbara, is preparing a massive assortment of lasagnas. Amy's mom, June, is preparing salads and desserts. Everything in between will be fired onsite on the grill. Of course, libations will be appropriately flowing.

The evening will start at 6:00pm before the Santa Barbara sunset. In light of the big day to follow, we will adjourn the festivities at 9:00pm. Please join us in hoping for a traditionally lovely Santa Barbara evening as most of the festivities will be outside. If needed, click the following link for the address and directions: rehearsaldirections@delongvarbel.com.

Saturday's Beach BBQ & Picnic for Everyone
Whether you are just visiting or have lived in Santa Barbara for years, the coastline can be awe inspiring. Please join us to decompress on Saturday at Leadbetter beach. There will be considerable food provided, but feel free to bring extra items to share. We will have picnic tables and BBQ spots on the rolling lawn that spills onto the sand. Look for our group off the public parking lot just north of The Shoreline Beach Café. The fun officially starts at 11:00am, but some of us will be arriving as early as 8:00am to help setup and secure our place. Please feel free to come over as early as you feel awake enough to play. Refer to the map below for the rough location and address.

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